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Reiki Therapy

Translation from Japanese to English:

Rei – meaning Universal and Ki – meaning Life Force Energy

            ****In India they refer to this Life Force Energy as Prana.

****In China they refer to this Life Force Energy as Chi.

            ****Albert Einstein E=mc2 – Energy = Matter (speed of light/c) squared (life force energy).

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is made up of 2 Kanji (Japanese Lettering):  Rei + Ki.  The Direct Translation as noted above means Universal + Life Force Energy:  Universal Life Force Energy:  energy is Universal, everywhere, all the time, and in all life. Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Native Japanese business man, living in Japan in the early 1900’s.

Dr. Usui discovered that this Universal Life Force Energy/Reiki, could be grounded and channeled through one person/the practitioner and given to another person through a laying on of hands directly on the body of a person or having the hands above the body.  Through this focused intention of helping another human being, whatever their suffering may be, he soon discovered people’s systems were improving or disappearing altogether.  His reputation for helping others began to spread throughout Japan. He soon began teaching and training others and opened a Centre for Reiki Healing.

Today, Reiki is practiced internationally.  Many hospitals, hospice and cancer support clinics embrace this healing modality of Reiki.  It is a simple, gentle, yet profound modality and can benefit anyone, regardless of symptoms or no symptoms and simply used as a preventative, self-care and relaxation measure. A full Reiki Session is one hour in duration, however, shorter sessions can also be given. Additionally Reiki can be applied as a first aid for those with acute conditions or pain. A person remains fully clothed and typically lays on a massage table as the practitioner applies hands on, (or hands off if a person prefers), on to a base of 12 positions on the front and back of the body treating all organ systems and chakra centers.  A person can also sit in a chair if preferred.  Distance Reiki is also available if the patient cannot be present with the practitioner.

In addition to receiving Reiki, Reiki can be learned by anyone and is beneficial for all age groups.  It is a wonderful modality for the whole family to learn, practice and play with.  The traditional form of Reiki is taught by a Master Reiki Teacher and is typically taught in 3 Levels:  First, Second and Third Degrees and then Teachers Level for those that want to teach.


Beginning with Einstein’s fascination and obsession with light at the age of 16(E=MC sq), and throughout his life, inspiring and propelling many others within scientific communities and laboratories with great curiosity and wonder experiment with energy and eventually learn to ground it and create many workable inventions we have the pleasure to enjoy and utilize in our modern world today, such as trains, automobiles, planes, computers, technology, light bulb, electricity etc. This energy we have learned to ground within material objects works to our benefit and pleasure in modern day society.

In the healing arts this universal energy is used to ground through the practitioner (physical body) into the client or person needing extra energy.  The recipient or client receives exactly what their innate intelligence needs on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

In its’ simplest terms Reiki helps to relax the mind and body.

Our physical bodies; our physiology has an innate wisdom and has everything it requires to operate and to heal.  The essence of our true Self, our Soul has everything it needs as well. We have a miraculous innate Eco System.  Through the complexities and accumulations of life experiences from a micro system, (personal); mezzo system (interpersonal relationships with family and community); and macro system (social and economic institutions and the larger eco systems) and the impact of diverse effects this has on our central nervous systems, our brains (body, mind and soul); our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being; slowly we disconnect different parts of our self and we develop undesirable symptoms.

Integrative therapies like Reiki help to calm and activate the parasympathetic nervous system during a treatment.  The system has a chance to be still and quiet and help the body remember its’ natural state.  When a person has unresolved trauma in the body, or is currently in the middle of crisis, the natural threat response of fight, flight or freeze is activated or triggered.  Talk therapy has its’ limitations when the survival system is activated.  This is when Reiki therapy would be conducive to a client.  Reiki is relaxing the body and mind, so the body can repair itself.  Reiki can also be used as a preventative therapy.

There are many benefits to Reiki physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; when one part of us gets better, so too, does this have a positive impact on the rest of our Self.  Reiki has been known to help alleviate and sometimes eliminate the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Physical pain
  • Fear(s)
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Lock jaw

Reiki also helps to promote:

  • Relaxation
  • Sense of peace
  • Calmness
  • Comfort
  • Connection
  • Health
  • Innate health and healing

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