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Art Therapy

Is an insight-oriented therapy that supports individuals to create within the context of a safe, supportive, therapeutic relationship. Through the process of creating, an individual is able to express and witness unspeakable emotions, give form to their thoughts and make meaning out of their life. No Art Experience Required.


• Increases self-expression and emotional regulation skills.
• Frees up creative energy and brings unconscious motivations to light.
• Engages the right hemisphere of the brain to express the implicit story more fully.
• Mobilizes stuck energy to support reclaiming a sense of aliveness and vitality.
• Helps to decrease depression, anxiety, anger, shame and fear.
• Supports individuals in becoming more mindful and self-aware by engaging the observing self.
• Enhances an individual’s capacity to take risks, assert their needs and confront injustices.
• Helps individuals be more authentic and attuned.
• Cultivates compassion for self and others through genuine presence and connection.
• Bridges mind, body and spirit and allows for the imagining of possibilities.

“Art Changes People. People Change the World”