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Loretta Anne Steeper

Art Therapist B.A., D.T.A.T.I (thesis pending), C.A.T.A. MacGill Centre Art Therapy Student Placement
Loretta Anne Steeper

After following my heart, I attended university to complete a Bachelor of Arts in studio art and psychology. I have always been drawn to the art making process, using my hands, and thinking in creative ways. Ways in which were hard to describe with only words. Art allows individuals the opportunity to explore their inner creative spirit and allows for a glimpse into your inner world.

Psychology was a passion that grew for me over time, to the point where I became very curious as to how the mind and psyche works together and how situations, events, and relationships in our lives impact, shape and have influence on our thoughts, feelings and emotions. When this happens things can become disconnected, de-regulated, difficult, overwhelming, and intrude on our lives. I believe that therapy can help the individual access these critical sensitive moments, in a safe, and non-judgmental environment to work through them and move forward in their lives.


I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph with Honors in Studio Art and Psychology. I have completed my masters level education coursework at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. I am currently working on my thesis, utilizing art therapy, play therapy, and yoga in a group for children with anxiety and finishing practicum hours towards acquiring my degree.

I believe in continual acumination of knowledge, and to have an open mind and spirit. The therapeutic process is about building trust, and working together towards certain goals and to further self-exploration. Self-insight is critical in understanding the path you wish to take in life.

Focus: Mental Heath, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Addictions, Grief work, Trauma and Abuse. I am open to working with individuals, couples and groups with a variety of needs and experiences.


Session Timeline – Art Therapy Office Hours

I will be available for art therapy sessions Monday’s, and every other Friday at this time. I am flexible with my clients’ availability and hope to meet your needs and schedule.  Please email me with session inquiries, or for more information about art therapy, or to request an appointment. If you think art therapy is right for you, or are curious and have a question, please do not hesitate to ask!

Art Therapy Practicum Placement

The MacGill Centre for Trauma Recovery and Integrative Wellness has welcomed me to complete my final practicum hours required for obtaining my graduate degree from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute.

My current placement at the MacGill Centre will allow me to grow professionally, learning skills to work in my own private practice, working with a team of professionals with similar perspectives of therapeutic care; caring for the whole person.  I am excited to be working with new clients with a variety of goals and needs.

I hope and foresee that this practicum will be a critical launching point for my professional development, skill building, and understanding of working in a cohesive collective of practitioners, whom support integrative wellness; both mind, body and spirit recovery.

The values that the MacGill Centre offers align with my personal philosophy of therapeutic practice. I hope to help individuals gain self-insight, and to utilize the new self-knowledge and psycho educational pieces provided to accomplish personal mental health goals. I hope individuals can become more connected to themselves in a deep, authentic way and to reclaim their health and wellness.



Loretta specializes in art therapy.

Loretta is a member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association.