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Lisa Evans

Spirit Stick Group Facilitator and Reflexologist

Spirit Sticks by Lisa Evans

Since I was a little girl I have been enchanted by the feel of a piece of driftwood in my hands. The sticks I picked up from the shores of the lake appeared like a gift from the waters.

As I collected these beautiful sticks over the years, I began to add other natural elements to them, for example, feathers, pine cones, pieces of leather, small crystals, beads, and shells. I began to invite friends and colleagues to make their own Spirit Sticks, it became quite apparent that the impact these creations were having on each person was very deep, revealing, and powerful in helping them have a new lens through which to view who they are.

This expression was not coming from their minds but from a more deeply embodied revelation of their pure inner essence. I have watched them become very quiet as they take in the unexpected elements that have revealed themselves to be acknowledged and affirmed. Smiles of joy inevitably follow.

Throughout history the wooden stick has been a powerful symbol of our cultural experience.  The walking stick or staff,  talking stick and magical wand have all come to convey a message.  The stick to wield our might, show strength, stake claims, affirm boundaries, build structures for safety, fly banners, or signify our spiritual presence and our connection with nature.

Spirit Stick CreationsEvery piece of wood inherently embodies the ancient and collective wisdom of the ages. I believe that every person embodies these same elements – we just need to remind ourselves. Our Spirit Stick can help us to remember and more fully embody, our wisdom and connection with all of the elements of nature that we are surrounded by every day.

I have facilitated individual experiences and workshops of all sizes for many years now, I have seen how this creative exercise can open each person to the possibility of having more loving compassion for themselves. You will finish with a beautiful, tangible reminder of this experience that you can hold in your hands and continue to connect with for a long time.

The Spirit Sticks are a creative expression of self and while all the materials neede to bring your personal touchstone together are provided;  I will only ofer practical guidelines or suggestions on attaching objects, when support is requested.

With this experience, there is no right or wrong way to create your Spirit Stick. Creativity can be messy, and joyfully freeing. There is no preconceived standard to meet, as it is a truly unique expression of you. It reveals itself to you, evolving as you start, resulting in a very personal, tangible tribute to your openness, and willingness to continue the evolving story that is you. You can share your creation or keep it private.

When we engage in creative activities, we are taking action in an unexpected way. We tend to become absorbed in what we’re making, entering a kind of flow state that can ease our thoughts, and broaden our attention in a way that can facilitate new modes of expressing ourselves quietly, from deeper within.

It can help to take us out of our habits and entrenched ways of thinking and speaking. It can open up a path for us to have more empathy for ourselves.

This creative expression experience is offered on an individual basis, with families and both large and small groups.

This workshop can also be offered as part of team building exercises as well as bringing the creative element to larger workshops or retreats.

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