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Hilary Franklin

MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker and Therapist

Hilary is an active member of MacGill Centre located at the Riverside Wellness Centre. She offers: therapeutic counselling as a registered social worker; Ayurvedic body work; and Tibetan sound healing. 

Therapeutic Counselling (Master of Social Work (MSW, RSW))


 She comes to the MacGill Centre with an Ayurvedic informed lens and continues her studies in Ayurveda at Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health, nestled in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, USA. Hilary focuses her attention on the fundamental elements of Ayurveda which focus on living a clean and simplified lifestyle to allow for a deeper connection to the self and world around us.

Hilary approaches each person’s unique story drawing from a narrative , anti-oppressive practice that  focuses on overcoming socioeconomic, gender, and population indifferences.

She believes that each individual is an expert in their own lives and that problems are separate from the lived experience.  With a curious inquiry and interaction, the individual seeks out the answers to their own sets of questions.

Ayuvedic Body Work

Hilary has completed her Abhyanga Body Work Certification at Kripalu. She utilizes this modality as a means to heal the body-mind-spirit. 

This body work is offered to women who belong to the MacGill Centre. Abhyanga  promotes healing of body-mind-spirit by combining massage with a unique blend of Ayurvedic oils. The oils are customized to support the individual’s specific body constitution. 

An individual’s body inherently wants to repair itself. Abhyanga supports the body’s wisdom to heal itself. The beauty and versatility of this body work is that anyone can successfully complete this massage at home and reap its numerous benefits. Abhyanga can offer stability from everyday living, by its grounding properties, lessen fatigue by promoting improved sleep and promotes and nourishes the skin and body.

 Hilary has personally embraced this modality for over 10 years and wishes to share the benefits with others who also seek a deeper connection with their body’s wisdom.

Tibetan Sound Therapy


Hilary is offering Tibetan Sound Therapy (Certified with Vibrational Sound Board) in 2017 pending certification.

Tibetan Singing Bowls and Sound therapy have been used for centuries to restore balance to our bodies. Healing begins through the creation of sounds, restoring harmony to our life.

This modality allows the individual’s body to relax whilst reducing emotional stress and anxiety and improving energy. It has been used as a means to unlock emotional trauma. This is a non-direct modality where the sound bowls are placed around the person’s body.


Educational Background

Hilary has vast experiences with multiple populations from children to older adults. This varied experience shapes how she approaches her clinical work.

Hilary has connected to impoverished communities through

missionary work to Panama and Guatemala. Hilary has extensive experience as a Family Coordinator working alongside families who have a family member living with a cognitive or physical disability.

For the past 10 years, Hilary has had the privilege of working in home and health care. She has focused her Masters thesis and her practice on continuously improving quality of living for older adults. She is passionate about gerontology and impact of caregiving on care partners who support a loved one living with a dementia. Her deep connection to this work is informed by her grandfather who she respected as a veteran and a person of strong influence in her life.

Hilary is a graduate of the Universty of Windsor (MSW) and received her honours bachelor of social work degree at University of Waterloo. Hilary also obtained her undergraduate degree at University of Waterloo majoring in Social Development Studies.

Hilary is also a graduate of Mohawk College, where she obtained a Registed Practical Nursing Diploma.

Hilary also graduated from Fanshawe College as a Developmental Service Worker.

Hilary has also received certification in Montessori Methods, PIECES and Gentle Approach Therapy.

Hilary is an active member in good standing with the College of Social Service Workers and Social

Workers of Ontario.

Hilary’s hours of work are evenings between the hours of 4:30pm until 8:30pm.  Please contact Hilary directly at 519-317-3050 to book any of the following:

Abhyanga Body Work (Certified Abhyanga Body Work)

Therapeutic Counselling (Master of Social Work, RSW)

Tibetan Sound Therapy (Certified Tibetan Sound Therapy (Pending Certification with Vibrational Sound Association)


Please note, I am certified in body work, however, I am not an RMT.