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Ann Bayly-Bruneel RP, RCAT.

Registered Psychotherapist (RP) & Art Therapist


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I rest in the knowledge that WE all have an innate capacity to heal and reclaim our authentic self. What is needed for this to happen is to be supported by an attuned compassionate witness who will journey along side creating the right conditions for us to show up fully.

After 20 years working in hospital, community and private practice settings, I have come to understand the world from a trauma-informed perspective. Trauma impacts us all. It leaves its imprint on our mind and body creating “symptoms” that call us to pay attention to what lies above and below words. As a child I knew instinctively that what wasn’t said was just as important as what was. I became an Art Psychotherapist, Focuser and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner to help guide individuals in their quest to understand their unconscious and embody their experience from a bottom-up rather than a top down perspective. It is often the case that we don’t understand why we do what we do, why we feel what we feel and how to stop the hurt from continuing to happen. Thus, cognitive processes are limited in their capacity to reach what is unknown.

I understand that mental health is not about “what is wrong with us” Rather it is about what happened to us—and what continues to happen in our physiology. Adaptive patterns of freeze, fight, flight and collapse keep us entrenched in habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting. My intention is to help individuals move out of frozen or dissociative/disconnected states by mobilizing the energy that is stuck within. This means that collaboratively I will invite you to use expressive art materials and engage in somatic and relational processes to help you complete self-protective responses that may have been blocked when it wasn’t safe to feel, express or act.

As we move towards embodying our truth and accepting ourselves habitual patterns fall away, “symptoms” subside and the gift of who we are is revealed and reclaimed. Restoring self-worth, self-care, regulation, and self-confidence is possible. As a psychotherapist I assist in this journey and work with you so that you can have a richer, more purposeful and fuller life—inside and out.

Specializations: Mental Health, Developmental & Complex Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Use, Grief and other co-relating issues.

Education: I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph with a Honors in Psychology and Fine Art. I acquired my Masters level education at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. Subsequently, I have certification in trauma counselling, focusing and somatic experiencing. In addition, I am committed to my own personal and professional growth which allows me to show up and be present with an open heart and flexible mind.