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Brenda MacGillivray

Director & Co-creator


“Every individual has the capacity to create what they truly desire in their lives; if they can find pathways to their emotional resources and learn to celebrate their individuality.”

“Through my 20+ years of work experience with children, youth, young and mature adults, couples, families and communities; in school systems, hospitals, social services agencies, and crisis centres, whether supporting employees through team building exercises or someone through the profound loss of a loved one; I have come to understanding something about the resilency of the human spirit and the impact of a belief in possibility; this I have found can propel us to new, unexpected heights in our growth and understanding of who we are and how we uniquely connect with ourselves, each other and the world we live in.”

My commitment and dedication to community engagement is no different from my work with individuals, couples and families engaged in the therapeutic process. As a catalyst for change I believe in meaningful communication, inclusion, diversity, creativity, self expression, and courage.

People live in communities and they impact and are impacted by the systems that are a part of these communities. Issues such as poverty, abuse, underemployment, addictions, mental illness, affordable housing, access to child care and lack of family or community support must be understood within the larger community context.

No one should ever feel “their struggle” is their’s alone to bear; because we all know the truth….that during our lives we all have turned to others for help. This need for help is part of the human condition; to need others.

Trauma as Dr. Peter Lavine notes; “disconnects us from ourselves” and my experience working with people as part of my ongoing training in Dr. Lavine’s Somatic Experience Trauma training has been inspirational. Supporting individuals as they heal and reconnect with their wholeness and return to balance, is an honour and a privilege.

So excited to be returning to my dream on a full time basis…yippee!!! growing private practice Creative Growth Therapy. 


Sir Wilfrid Laurier University

Masters in Social Work, Clinical Social Work and Social Justice Focus 2009 – 2011

University of Western Ontario

Fine Arts Elective 2004 – 2005

Kings College

Social Work 1992 – 1994

Mount Saint Vincent University

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Child & Youth Services, Child & Adolescent Development 1985 – 1989

University of Prince Edward Island

Freshman Arts, Freshman Arts 1980 – 1981