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Living your soul wisdom – Women’s Journey Group 2016-2017

A nine month ‘sabbatical-in-life’ journey exploring living into your soul’s wisdom through Jung’s insights on alchemy, soul and wisdom blended with the Celtic seasonal rhythms and celebrating together six of the ancient festivals. The group will include eight women who share a love of soulful living as pilgrims, seekers and healers. It invites those who welcome meditation, group sharing, creative arts, experiential processes, and movement. It offers a call and invitation to form a circle of guardianship for our world in a turbulent time of change and transformation. Two options available, (1) Workshops only (2) Workshops plus x1 monthly session with Helen.

See below or website or call 519-933-5239 for details.

Sunday Sep 18, 10 am to 3 pm. Fall Equinox. The Darkening
Saturday Oct 29, 7.30 pm to 10 pm. Samhain. The Extractio
Wednesday Dec 14, 7 pm to 9 pm. Winter Solstice. The Whitening
Saturday February 4, 2017 10 am to 3 pm. Imbolc. The
Saturday March 18, 10 am to 3 pm. Spring Equinox, The Reddening
Saturday April 29, 10 am to 3 pm. Beltane – Celebrating Rebirth

Inquiries and registration:
519-933-5239 OR
Location in Old South, N6C 2E7

About the facilitators:
Helen Butlin
PhD (Candidate), Registered
Psychotherapist, Spiritual Care Specialist

Anne MacDougallExpressive Arts Facilitator and elder.

About Helen Butlin
I am a registered psychotherapist and certified spiritual director. ‘Soul-Medicine’ as a way of living, is distilled through my life and work from many years of professional training and learning from the inner journey of those living and dying with cancer in my oncology practice in the London Regional Cancer Program. Soul-medicine is a way of life, not a curriculum or program. Soul-medicine invites you into greater awareness and acceptance of your own nature and ‘way’, to live life from your soul’s depths in harmony with nature, within and without, and particularly through times of change and transformation. For 9 years I have engaged in personal Jungian analysis – working with dreams and the embodied life of soul and have steeped in Jung’s writings and those of his legacy bearers. Also, I draw on the non-dual wisdom of diverse spiritual-wisdom traditions integrated through my own life as woman, mother, healer, teacher. I facilitate groups as a fellow seeker and pilgrim exploring the depths that feed and renew our lives.

About Anne MacDougall
Anne was a modern dancer who left the performance and technical aspects of dance to explore the internal felt sense of the body and how that knowledge informs our unique creative expression into the world. Her life and work have been a deep inquiry into belonging and connection through professional training and life experience. Teachers in dance, Gestalt Therapy, the expressive arts, Continuum and Continuum Montage, Shamanism, mediation, conflict resolution and natural horsemanship have created the tapestry of her life and work. The experience of learning to live after almost dying has been her greatest teacher. Hence, she believes that our life stories must be met with imagination, depth, creativity and kindness. When we meet ourselves in this manner, we embody the presence and resonance to life that we hold within ourselves. She has facilitated groups for over 25 years and is now focusing on the expressive healing arts and horses.

Each one includes:
• Seasonal rituals for community celebration
• Creative, contemplative crafting, feasting, fires and meditation,
• Teachings on Jung’s insights on alchemy and the psyche
• Experiential and creative processes using poetry, movement, wool collaging
• Helen’s and Anne’s daily personal prayers and heart support for you throughout the 9 months holding you in your process inwardly as part of your journey’s container.

Sun Sep 18, 10 am – 3 pm. Fall Equinox. The Darkening
‘The ‘nigredo’ or the darkening/blackening, was the first stage in alchemy. This often comes to us in the psyche as a turning inwards and can come in the form of depression, sorrow, or melancholia. Change, transitions, losses or sometimes simply an ‘emptying out’ grey feeling in daily life lead us into the blackening. We explore the way of the soul in the nigredo, what is needed for the process and how to support ourselves or others. As the leaves fall from the trees, the Fall Equinox calls our psyche inwards to reflect on what is being let go of and what we need to gather within for the coming time of winter dreaming. “In the stillness, is the dancing”, T.S. Elliot, The Four Quartets. Snacks provided, please bring a lunch item to share, with thanks.

Sat Oct 29, 7.30 pm – 10 pm. Samhain. The Extractio
The ‘extractio’, separates aspects of our lives; losses, relationships, parts of the self. Some emerge, some fall away; clearing space for peace, clarity, and love. We will explore how we can hold ourselves gently in trust during the ‘midnight of the dark night of the soul’ (St. John of the Cross). Here we discover our deepest ‘being’; stillness and union with Love. There will be a samhain fire (end of the old year in the Celtic calendar) and listening through the veil, honouring those who have passed through into the realm of the ancestors. Learn to trust the invisible in winter. ‘When the veil thins, listen to the ancestors’. Pot-luck feast, please bring a favourite food of a loved one who has passed over for the fire and to share with the fellow gatherers.

Wed Dec 14, 7 pm – 9 pm. Yule or Winter Solstice.
As the darkness draws into the Longest Night, at Yule (Dec 20), the Winter Solstice, so does the ‘whitening’ of the elements in the depths of the darkness begin. After turning inwards in the blackening processes, the separating out of what has come to an end and what is yet to be born, Yule is the time of preparing for the birth of the new. Bring forth the light from within the dark. In the tradition of Yule, this workshop will bring us into an evening of candlelight. A meditative process of creating a wreath with cedar boughs, will weave together an inner stillness and waiting in hope together, for what is yet to be born.

Sat Feb 4, 10 pm to 3 pm. Imbolc.
The ‘citrinatis’, the yellowing, is seeding the light’s return and the new dreams conceived in the dark of winter. Just as our dreams are seeded by a creative process, we will “ seed our dreams” through a fun dreaming exercise decorating plant pots and planting seeds. This is a medicine to nourish our dreams lying in the darkness of our unconscious. We prepare our inner life for a return of spring and new birth. Snacks provided. Please bring a lunch item to share, with thanks.

Sat March 18, 10 am – 3 pm. Spring Equinox. The Greening & the Philosopher’s Stone
The ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ – the Lapis Philosophorum and the greening. We will explore this alchemical concept, also known as the ‘Orphan’, or ‘the Widow’ experienced in loneliness, yearnings, loss, alienation, creative process that points towards the deep Self, lying whole, deep within our being, ungraspable yet transformative. The Philosopher’s Stone is the most mysterious aspect of our psyche. Jung called it the Self, our deepest guiding wisdom, created from the interaction of our deepest wounds and our unbreakable wholeness. It endlessly stimulates our journey towards integration, a sense of at-oneness, and transformation. By creating a connection between those parts of ourselves that can feel ‘orphaned’ or bereaved by life and those parts that are being born, we strengthen our living contact with life’s wholeness; the wholeness where earth is teacher, guide and mother of us all. Snacks provided. Please bring a lunch item to share, with thanks.

Sat April 29, 10 – 3 pm Beltane – Celebrating Rebirth
Beltane is the ancient fertility festival danced with Morris Dancers, maypoles and a fire. It celebrates the life force reawakening in sun, land and body with abundance after its winter sleep. We will create a wool-felted collage (such as in all the pictures), awakening the gifts of new life in image and word. The day will end with a fire and feast bringing to end the journey together. Pot-luck feast, bring your favourite summer food!


1. Workshops Only
Early bird: $ 495 Sep 5, 2016 OR By Sep 14 – $550 in 3 installments of $183.33
Paid on: Sep 15, Nov 15, 2016, Feb 15, 2017

This includes all the workshops, materials and snacks on Saturday workshops. This is a good option if you already are working with a Jungian based therapist and have a place to work with the stirrings that arise through this process. Or, if you are simply looking for a community of women to do personal journeying and growth.

2. Workshops PLUS x 9 individual sessions with Helen monthly. Sessions will explore your dreams & experiences deepening the group processes into your daily life.

a) Early bird – $1, 000 by Sep 10, 2016. This offers a special $61 fee per hour for the included monthly individual sessions!
b) Two Payments – Total is $1 200 total paid in two instalments: $600 on Sep 15, 2016 + $600 on Feb 15, 2017. This offers a rate of approx. $78.33 per hour for the included monthly individual sessions.
c) Monthly Installment plan: $1, 250 of 9 monthly payments of $138.88 on the 1st of each month Sep, 2016 – May, 2017. This offers $83.88 for the included individual monthly sessions x 9 months.

This ‘sabbatical in life’ with monthly sessions will enable a deeper listening to your soul for how you want to live the next cycle of your life. This option is for those who long for a deepening relationship with soul and inner guidance for all aspects of your life. It will provide you with community plus one-on-one support if you are sensing change is needed or coming, at a crossroads and/or if you know you are longing for ‘something’ but have not yet found it.

Sessions will explore:
• the relationship between our conscious and unconscious life
• following your unconscious as source of your deepest wisdom
• learning and living ‘the way of the dream’ in sleeping and waking
• attuning to your soul’s unique and mysterious language
• deepening creative agency for rebirth, renewal and change in your life

For professional therapists, the individual sessions and workshops can be designated as professional development hours and/or individual sessions as personal psychotherapy and/or supervision sessions. Sessions can include consultations on integrating a soul-medicine approach into your own therapy practice.

Where will the workshops and sessions take place?
422 Emery St. East, N6C 2E7. Between Ridout and High St. All workshops and sessions take place in Helen’s private practice space in a beautiful Old South home with pond and garden. This home has been a place of healing for women for almost 20 years. If you’re drawn, then this land and its medicine may be calling you.

Future Events (see website for more and details)
2016 – 2017 ELDERS & DREAMS SPEAK TALK SERIES: There will be a 5 Session talk series with Jungian experts and elders which will be offered at a 10% discount to those participating in the “Living Your Soul’s Wisdom Journey”. Details TBA.

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