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About Us

Learn more about the MacGill Centre for Trauma Recovery & Integrative Wellness

The MacGill Centre is a therapeutic centre that specializes in trauma recovery. One of the best definitions of trauma is defined by pioneer trauma specialist Dr. Peter Levine. Dr. Levine states “trauma is not defined by the event but by the body’s experience of overwhelm.” Dr. Levine discovered in his work and research that when our body experiences overwhelm; our body instictively choses a survival response; fight, flight, freeze and collapse.

When the body is unable to complete these survival responses; Dr. Levine notes that trauma becomes stored in the body as incomplete survival patterns.  Incomplete trauma symptoms include rage, depression, anxiety, hypervigilence and feeling unsafe in the world and often in relationships.  Withdrawal, avoidance and fear replace hope, confidence, pleasure and full participation in life. Disconnecting people from access to themselves and the support of others.

Our life energy becomes highjacked.

At the MacGill Centre we’re concerned essentially with people and supporting an integrative approach to overall health and wellness.  Our primary focus is on the therapeutic relationship and we feel priviledge to be a part of the healing journey and to walk beside individuals, couples and families.

At the MacGill Centre we also focus on creativity and the crucial role of the body in the structure and process of the psyche.  Creativity helps us to challenge behavioural and thought patterns that no longer serve us. As we begin to confront and experience difficult feelings, we can discover new insights while experiencing ourselves in new and revolutionary ways.  We can begin to challenge social conditioning and reconnect with our authentic voice and renew our relationship with ourselves.

As therapists and integrative wellness practitioners; our goal is to provide support that helps our clients connect to themselves in a deep, authentic way and to reclaim their health and wellness.  When we connect to our authentic self we can begin to recover from trauma; which essentially disconnects us from ourselves.  We can learn techniques that help us to understand our triggers and to begin to complete our incomplete survival behaviours, (fight, flight, freeze and collapse), so that we are no longer highjacked by these patterns in our bodies that show up as anxiety and panic.

photoAt the MacGill Centre our therapists in addition to their unique training in diverse modalities are also trained in Somatic Experience; a body centred approach to trauma recovery developed by Dr. Peter Levine as expressed in his books; Waking the Tiger (1997) and In An Unspoken Voice (2010); to support the body shift from dysregulation to regulation and reconnection to our life energy.

When supporting connections to the body and creating healing opportunities that support the body’s organic ability to heal; we provide the external conditions with our therapeutic interventions,  to help individuals create new pathways to connect to their authentic, embodied experience of themselves.

In an effort to support the needs of each client; we offer both conventional talk therapy and body-oriented and expressive art approaches to counselling and psychotherapy.

Our goal is to provide clients with choice and opportunity to be treated according to their individual needs.  We aim to treat the person as a whole with respect and in a collaborative manner.

We use a wide range of theoretical techniques and interventions including: Psychotherapy, Body-centered therapy, Art therapy, Narrative therapy, Existential and Humanistic approaches for individual, couple, family and group support.


We provide long and short term counselling and psychotherapy for:

Child and adolescents
Workshops for Wellness

Specialities include:

Stress & Anxiety
Eating Disorders
Grief & Loss
Life Transitions & Personal Growth


Mary MacGillivray is a singer/songwriter who was born in PEI and grew up here as well as Cape Breton. She is performing her original music on the MacGill Centre Website. Surrounded by home-made music and her deep PE/CB Island roots, Mary began singing and songwriting at a young age. She sings in English as well as Irish and Scottish Gaelic, and is learning to speak the languages of her heritage.